Faith, Hope and Love for Artsakh

Faith, Hope and Love for Artsakh

We stand here today, bearing the weight of immense sorrow, the grief of loss, and the heavy cloud of disillusionment. The agonizing tales from Artsakh reach us and as waves of despair crash on the shores of our hearts. To see our land, our beloved Artsakh undergo such a tragedy, to hear of the plight of innocent Armenians, is a burden no heart should bear.

Our history, replete with battles and resilience, whispers tales of generations that have risen amidst challenges. But today’s trial is unprecedented, and the pain is raw. It’s natural to feel betrayed, to question the very pillars we’ve leaned on, to wonder if our faith in God and the good in humanity was misplaced.

Yet, in our darkest moments, let us turn to and remember the profound exchange during our sacred Armenian baptismal service. When the priest asks the Godfather, “What does the child request?” The answer resonates with the core of our being: “Faith, Hope, and Love.”

Faith: In times when the ground beneath us shakes, faith is our anchor. It’s the steadfast belief that God is with us, especially when we tread the valleys of sorrow. He weeps with us, understanding every tear, every sigh of our national grief. As we grapple with despair, let us remind ourselves that God’s promise to be with us in our trials remains unwavering. Our faith is not a mere belief but a deep-rooted trust in God’s plan for our nation and its people.

Hope: Today, the path ahead looks clouded, obscured by the dust of fallen dreams. Yet, hope is the glimmering light on the horizon, the dawn that chases away the darkest night. It is the conviction that though we may not see the way forward now, God, in His infinite wisdom, holds the power to restore our beloved fatherland.

Love: And in the midst of this heartache, love is our compass. Love for our motherland, love for our brethren in Artsakh who have been stripped of everything they held dear. Love is the binding force that unites us as a nation, a reminder that we are not isolated islands of pain, but a collective body of strength. This love will inspire unity, propel us towards action, and guide us out of this painful chapter.

The times are challenging, but we have faced adversity before. It is the triad of faith, hope, and love that has seen us through the darkest hours in the past. Let them be our guiding lights now.

May the Lord’s grace be upon each one of us, our cherished Artsakh, and our eternal Armenia. Amen.


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    Garnik Nanagoulian says:

    What an immensely impactful sermon at a moment when we all yearned for its profound resonance. As the one entrusted with guiding the humanitarian endeavors of the Fund for Armenian Relief for our refugees, who have just started their arduous journey from Artsakh to Armenia, I can unequivocally attest to the significance of HOPE. It radiates as a beacon on the distant horizon, but it also has the potential to illuminate the path toward the reconstruction of our brethren’s shattered lives. I hope it will empower us with the formidable strength essential to safeguard our cherished motherland.
    Thank you, St George

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