A Father’s Love

In the mid-20th century, a young boy named Steve Jobs grew up in Los Altos, California. His adoptive father, Paul Jobs, was a machinist who had a passion for craftsmanship and mechanics. Paul spent countless hours in the family garage, teaching Steve how to take apart and rebuild electronics. He emphasized precision, attention to detail, and pride in one’s work. At the time, young Steve often found his father’s meticulous nature tiresome and didn’t really appreciate the hours they spent tinkering together.

Father’s Day is a time to honor and reflect on the role fathers play in our lives. It’s a day to appreciate the sacrifices, love, and guidance they provide. But beyond the cards and gifts, it’s also an opportunity to ponder the deeper meaning of fatherhood and the profound impact it has on our lives.

We often don’t realize the extent of our parents’ love and dedication until we grow older or sometimes, sadly, until it’s too late. As Steve Jobs grew older and ventured into the world of technology and innovation, he began to see the value in his father’s teachings. The attention to detail, the insistence on quality, and the pride in one’s work that Paul instilled in him became fundamental principles in Steve’s life and career. These principles were evident in every product Apple created, from the meticulous design of the Macintosh to the seamless functionality of the iPhone.

Sometimes, we might not always see the sacrifices our parents make. The long hours at work, the sleepless nights, the constant worry – these acts of love often go unnoticed until we find ourselves in similar positions. As children, we take for granted the security and comfort our parents provide, not fully understanding the effort and dedication behind it. It’s only when we become parents ourselves or face our own trials that we start to grasp the magnitude of their love.

Steve Jobs once reflected on his father’s influence, acknowledging that although he didn’t always enjoy the time spent learning from Paul in the garage, those experiences profoundly shaped him. The lessons of precision, craftsmanship, and relentless pursuit of quality became the bedrock of his visionary approach to technology and design. In hindsight, Steve realized that his father’s discipline and meticulousness were acts of deep love and care, equipping him with the skills and values that defined his extraordinary career.

This realization extends to our relationship with God. Many times, we fail to see or acknowledge the ways in which our Heavenly Father loves and cares for us. We get caught up in our daily struggles, forgetting to recognize the blessings and the grace that surround us. 

Father’s Day is not just a day to celebrate our earthly fathers but also a time to reflect on the love of our Heavenly Father. It’s a reminder that we are loved beyond measure, often in ways we don’t fully comprehend. Just as the legacy of Paul Jobs’ dedication and sacrifices continues to inspire through his son’s achievements, our faith in God’s love can be a source of strength and comfort in our lives.

As we honor our fathers this Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the silent, steadfast love that shapes our lives. Let’s recognize the sacrifices made, the lessons taught, and the unwavering support given. And let’s also turn our hearts to our Heavenly Father, acknowledging His boundless love and grace. May we strive to understand and reflect this love in our own lives, offering the same dedication and compassion to those around us.


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    Sossi Derian says:

    Steven Jobs adoptive mother was Armenian and his real father was Syrian.

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