2021-2022 Audit Committee- 3 Year Term

Eugene Wasynczuk (expires 2022)

Michael DeCorleto  (expires 2023)

Matthew Mardirosian (expires 2024)

Audit Committee Responsibilities The Audit Committee shall be composed of three members. Each member shall serve for three years, with one position expiring per year. The member in their 3rd year of term shall be the Audit Committee Chairman for that year. Due paid members are eligible for this office one year after becoming members, provided they have attained the age of 21.


Coordinate with the Parish Council to communicate to all Parish Auxiliary organizations and all Parish standing committees on due date when annual financial and activity reports, all financial accounting, deposit and expense receipts shall be submitted to Audit Committee for review.

Examine the accounts of the Parish Council, all Parish Auxiliary organizations and all Parish standing committees at least annually.

Prepare and submit, a written report including its audit findings and recommendations to the Parish Assembly.

Govern the elections, together with the Nominating Committee, of the Parish Council members, Diocesan Delegates, Nominating and Audit Committees during the Parish Assembly.

Create election ballots, distribute ballots at Parish Assembly meeting, tally votes, report on election results, preserve all ballots and turn over all ballots and election summary results to Parish Council. If necessary, conduct special investigations and in case of misappropriation of funds or other abuses or irregularities, shall report in writing to the Parish Priest, who shall call a special Parish Assembly to consider the report of the Audit Committee.

A copy of the report shall be communicated to the members of the Parish Council prior to the Parish Assembly.

Ensure that the By-Laws of the Parish with respect to the Audit Committee and its role are adhered to. Inform Pastor and/or Parish Council of any concerns or issues.