2021-2022 Nominating Committee – 1 Year Term

Lorina Abalian

Richard Mardirosian

Cynthia Messikian

Nominating Committee Responsibilities

The Nominating Committee is one of the most important Committees in the Parish. By means of deciding who is nominated, strongly affects the direction, and fiscal management of the Parish.


The Nominating Committee shall be composed of three members for a one year period. Members of the Nominating Committee may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms and after an interim period of one year, may be eligible for election again as members of the Nominating Committee. Dues paid members are eligible for this office one year after becoming members, provided they have attained the age of 21.


Identify, select and encourage others to lead and serve in church activities, and, in particular, to nominate the elected church officers at the Annual Parish Assembly meeting. Seek to select and ask people they feel can and will perform the duties of the various positions. Begin deliberations at least 90 days prior to the Parish Assembly meeting. (By mid-Nov.) Request current dues paid membership list from Parish Council Treasurer and review for potential candidates. Review responsibilities document for all positions. Meet as Committee in advance of the Annual Parish Assembly meeting, review roles, vacancies, and determine Committee actions and timing. Approach eligible parishioners, provide responsibilities document for potential position, be sure potential candidates understand the duties and time commitment the office requires and ensure potential candidates consent prior to placing the name in nomination. Prepare slate of candidates, at least double the number of vacancies for the election of the Parish Council, Auditing Committee, Officers of the Annual Parish Assembly, subsequent Nominating Committee and Diocesan Delegates. May enter their own names as candidates for office. Govern the elections, together with the Auditing Committee, of the Parish Council members, Diocesan Delegates, Nominating and Auditing Committees during the Parish Assembly. Include nominations from the floor at the Annual Parish Assembly meeting, for all elected positions, to complete the slate of candidates. Create election ballots, distribute ballots at Parish Assembly meeting, tally votes, report on election results, preserve all ballots and turn over all ballots and election summary results to Parish Council. Ensure that the By-Laws of the Parish with respect to the Nominating Committee and its role at the Parish Assembly are adhered to. Inform Pastor and/or Parish Council of any concerns or issues.