Holy Communion Great Lent

Can people who have been baptized other churches receive Communion in the Armenian Church?

As a general rule, the Armenian Church offers Holy Communion only to those who are baptized members of the Armenian Church or one of the Oriental Orthodox Churches —the Coptic, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Syrian Orthodox or Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Churches. These are our closest sister churches who share with us the...

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Can the Badarak be shortened

Can the Badarak be shortened?

As the possession of the church, the Badarak can certainly be shortened, expanded or otherwise modified. This would presumably be undertaken by the Catholicos, guided by the wisdom of the synod of bishops and other experts in the history and theology of the liturgy. It must be noted, however, that...

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kshots St. George Armenian Church CT

Why do we use the kshots?

The liturgical fan that we call the “kshots” in Armenian is also known as the flabellum or rhipidion. It is a round, ornately-embossed plate of silver, bronze or other metal, about twelve or more inches in diameter, with small bells coupled around the perimeter. The disk is attached to the...

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candles church

Why do we light candles in the church?

In ancient times candles were used in the church for a very practical reason: to provide light. Adequate lighting was especially important in churches, where the officiants of the liturgy relied on liturgical books to conduct the lengthy worship services. Apart from this strictly functional use, burning candles remind Christians...

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