ACYOA Seniors Mission

To provide an environment of education, community, and camaraderie for teenagers through young adults, all within the context of the Armenian culture. Involvement with church and social functions provides a feeling of meaning and satisfaction to the participants.

Membership Requirements:  College students ages 18-21 and young professionals ages 22-28

The local ACYOA Seniors are in the process of formally forming a chapter. If you are interested in joining, please contact the church office at 860-956-5647.

The Armenian Church Youth Organization of America (ACYOA) ( is the national youth program of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. The ACYOA’s mission is to create a greater sense of spiritual culture and tradition and to instill within its members a true spirit of civic mindedness.

Its objectives are:

  • to encourage its members to learn, practice, uphold and propagate the principles and teachings of Christian faith according to the doctrine, sacraments and canons of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
  • to support and work for the strengthening of the Armenian Church and to promote the study and appreciation of the Armenian culture and heritage.
  • to strengthen spiritual and social bonds and to contribute towards the development of a healthy community life among Armenians.
  • to enhance and strengthen among its members the spirit of human freedom, universal justice, and brotherhood of men, and devotion to duty as good citizens, dedicated to the service of God and Country.

Parish Youth Director: Richard Mardirosian

2021 Executive Board

Chairman:  Krikor Norsigian

Treasurer:  Natalie Kasir

Secretary:  Melani Norsigian