Carried Through: The Unseen Embrace

Carried Through

During World War II, there was a soldier named Desmond Doss. He became legendary not for wielding weapons, but for saving lives without them. As a medic, Doss saved the lives of countless men in the Battle of Okinawa, all while under heavy enemy fire. His faith forbade him from carrying a gun, so he carried men instead. His story, a blend of deep conviction and extraordinary bravery, resonates with Isaiah 63:9: “In all their distress, He too was distressed, and He lifted them up and carried them.”

Many of us face inner conflicts where fear, doubt, and despair besiege us. Like soldiers in an unseen war, we fight against these forces, often feeling overwhelmed and alone. But, just as Doss carried wounded soldiers to safety, God promises to lift and carry us through our inner battles.

In our darkest moments, when we feel besieged by life’s challenges, it’s hard to sense the presence of a divine carrier. Yet, this is precisely where faith steps in. Faith is the realization that even in our deepest distress, we are not forsaken. Like Doss, who persisted through danger out of a sense of duty and faith, we too are called to trust in the unseen arms that carry us.

God’s way of lifting and carrying us can be subtle and unexpected. It might come through the encouraging words of a friend, the unexpected resolution of a problem, or a moment of peace in chaos. These are not coincidences but manifestations of divine love and support. Augustine of Hippo wisely said, “Trust the past to the mercy of God, the present to His love, and the future to His providence.”

To actively engage with this divine support, it’s essential to cultivate a habit of mindfulness and a life of prayer. In the rush of daily life, take a moment to pause and acknowledge the presence of God. In acknowledging, we open ourselves to receive the strength and comfort that comes from being spiritually carried by Him.

The challenge for us is to remain open to this divine intervention, to recognize it in the small, everyday miracles that fill our lives. As we navigate through our personal battles, let us remember the story of Desmond Doss and just as he carried the wounded soldiers, let us allow ourselves to be carried by the unseen presence and love our heavenly Father to safety.

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