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Reflection: Who do you say that I am? Mat. 16:15

So much of our lives take place on a deep, subconscious level of our mind. So many profound realities and forces that define our present lives and shape our futures are felt and experienced subconsciously. The same is perhaps true about our faith and spirituality. But faith also needs to be conscious choice and experience, it relies on an intentional effort and clear intent.

The question of our Lord  “Who do you say that I am?” (Mat. 16:15) is an invitation for a clear and conscious evaluation and reflection on the role and function of faith in our lives. It is so symbolic that in our Badarak, before we can step into the great mystery of the Eucharist, we hear the deacons chant ‘broskhoomeh’ and encourage us to be attentive as we stand to hear the Word of the God. This is followed by Havadamk, where we boldly proclaim and state our faith and answer Christ’s question “Who do you say that I am?”

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