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Reflection: John 2:15 – Cleansing of the Temple

Today’s Gospel reading from John 2:13-22 is the story of Christ cleansing the temple from traders and money changers. The tragedy was that this was taking place in the part of the temple known as the Court of the Gentiles. It was supposed to be a safe and sacred space in the Temple of Jerusalem where foreigners and people of other faith would encounter the living God and experience his presence. Instead, it was crowded with money changers and traders busy with making a profit and selling things.

Our hearts are the temple of God. There should be a place in hearts, life and lifestyle where strangers and people in our lives can encounter and see God. A sacred place where the body of Christ is forged, a place radiating and pulsating with the divine forgiveness, compassion and love. If Christ entered our hearts and stepped into the chambers of the Court of Gentiles, what would He find there?

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