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Third Day of Great Lent

Scripture Readings: Exodus 1:1-2:10, Joel 1:14-20

For most of us who are not agriculturalists and farmers, it might be hard to grasp the true scope of catastrophic destruction and devastation caused by the locust swarm. Today’s Bible reading from Joel 1:14-20 depicts the pain and loss of those who lost everything because of it. The livelihood on which their lives and the survival of their families relied and depended on was destroyed. No amount of hard work, skill and knowledge would be able to restore and recover what was permanently lost and gone.

In Joel chapter 1, we see that in such a moment of despair, people recognize that only God can comfort and save them. It is interesting to note that even the animals appear to turn to their creator for help.

Where do we look for help when we are in trouble? When hope fades away, when there is no solution for the challenges we face, when there is no remedy for the pain we experience – who do we turn to for hope, restoration and healing?

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