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Great Lent: Day 18

Scripture Reading

Isaiah 45:17-26Ephesians 3:14-4:13


Daily Prayer Rule for Great Lent


“Assemble yourselves and come together, draw near” – Isaiah 45:20

Family, community and national unity is an essential precondition for drawing near and stepping into the presence of God. Spiritual unity is far more than simply being together. It is an active, purifying and cleansing sacred reality and dimension. Only through and within that sacred unity, togetherness, loving and forgiving embrace we proclaim boldly every Sunday, that:

Christ in our midst has been revealed;
He who is God, is here seated.
The voice of peace has resounded;
Holy greeting is commanded.
The Church has now become one soul,
The kiss is given for a full bond.
The enmity has been removed;
And love is spread over us all.
Now, Ministers, raise your voices,
And give blessings with one accord
To the Godhead consubstantial,
While angels sing: “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

For me, the worst national tragedy of the recent months is not even the loss of a significant part of Artsakh, but the fractured unity of my nation. It is heartbreaking to watch three different demonstrations and marches taking place in different parts of Yerevan at the same time, attacking and insulting each other. I am convinced that until we unite, confess our wrongdoings against each other and our fatherland, take personal responsibility, forgive and embrace each other, we simply can’t draw near God and his blessings. There is no possibility of divine revelation in division and hostility.

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