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Fourth Day of Great Lent

Scripture Reading: Romans 6:3-14

Daily Prayer Rule for Great Lent


We often view and see our faith as something purely spiritual, symbolic and abstract. But what if it is more real than we ever imagined? What if faith is as real as life itself?

In today’s Scripture reading from the Romans, St. Paul likens faith to a journey and transformation from the darkness of death to the light of being born and alive in Christ. There is nothing more concrete and real about human life than birth and death. For St. Paul faith is as real as birth, death and being alive. He reminds us that “we have been united with him” (v 5) and that “will also live with him” ( v 8).

Faith is not an on-demand feature of life, something that we can turn on and off as needed, it is not something to turn to when disaster strikes or our lives are thrown into the chaos of despair. It is rather a loving and real union and life in Christ.

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