The 3D Glasses of Faith

3D Glasses of Faith

Imagine for a moment that you are in a movie theater to see your favorite movie in 3D. You get your tickets, maybe some popcorn and then you grab the most important item – the 3D glasses, to fully enjoy the movie. Without them the movie would be blurry and impossible to watch. Without them you would be missing out on most of the immersive experience that the movie has to offer. What about our faith? Could it, like the 3D glasses, reveal new dimensions and perspectives of our own lives?

The story of the Pentecost, which is celebrated in the Armenian church today, has the answer. Pentecost is a wonderful story about faith, hope and empowerment rising out of the ashes of hopelessness and despair. It is as if through Pentecost a sacred switch was flipped tumbling the walls, separating the heavens from earth, opening the gateways of our world and allowing the divine grace and light to outpour and fill our world. Undoubtedly, the disciples experienced something very powerful, something that profoundly transformed them in an instant. Their fear of persecution vanished, sadness faded away and their hearts were filled with joy and peace. Suddenly, they could see themselves, their faith and the world from a radically different perspective, filled with spiritual colors and joy unknown to them before. 

It is estimated that an average adult makes thousands of decisions and choices every day. Perhaps, many of these decisions are made in deep, subconscious layers of our minds. Other times, we rely on our intuition, experiences, risk and reward analysis, projections and signals from the society, culture and the world we live in. Most of these choices and decisions are routine and easy, some require reflection, research and evaluation. When in doubt and unsure, we turn to our families and friends for input and advice.

However, there are moments in life, when despite our best efforts we feel puzzled and uncertain, moments when our experience, knowledge, education, friends and family are simply unable to provide answers, give guidance and lift us up. There are moments in life when life itself stops making sense and when we are no longer sure what is right and what is wrong. There are moments when we are simply too tired and exhausted from the endless trying, moments when the meaning, motivation, genuine joy and hopeful anticipation for tomorrow fade away.

Faith is helpful in every situation and especially during these dark passages and chapters of life. Not only faith gives us strength and hope in such situations, but also perspective and awareness. Faith in many ways acts as 3D glasses – by turning and seeking refuge in our faith we see the events and circumstances of our lives, our relationships, our struggles, our hopes and despair emerging in new light and colors. Suddenly, we see important new dimensions and layers about which we simply were unaware of.

Faith alone can help us see our lives and the world we live in from the perspective of God. Faith allows us to evaluate our priorities, the direction our decisions and choices are taking us to. It allows us to realign our lives, our efforts and relationships to the divine and loving path God is leading us towards. Only through the 3D glasses of faith can we see and experience the true beauty and joy of the life God created us to live in, to whom glory forever, amen.


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    Nurhan Ipek says:

    I received that 3D glasses while back, send by God. Started seeing things in different perspective. I receive Lord’s guidance every day. I am very happy. I also fill His miracles in my life. Thank you Fr. Voski for your article, it is very interesting.

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