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August 15. This Day in the History of the Armenian Church

On August 15, 1204 the First Council of Sis took place in Cilicia. The council examined the request of Prince Zakaria about the use of portable altars in the Armenian army for the celebration of Badarak. The council adopted eight canons mostly of liturgical nature, which allowed the following:

Canon A – To allow for the Divine Liturgy to be celebrated in the open air, under a tent as in the Georgian Church.

Canon B – To observe the feasts of Annunciation of the Holy Virgin Mary on the 6th of April, the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God on the 15th of August, and the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on the 14th of September as in the Georgian Church.

Canon C – To reinstate the use of icons in the churches.

Canon D – To offer the Divine Liturgy not only for those who rest in eternal sleep, but also for those who are alive, as in the Georgian, Greek and Assyrian Churches.

Canon E – To prohibit Armenian monks from eating meat in response to accusations the Georgian Church.

Canon F – To order the Armenian monks to live in cloisters and have no property.

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