Elections in Armenia. What’s Next?

Tatul Hakobyan Elections in Armenia. What's Next?

Event details

  • Friday | July 9, 2021
  • 7:30 pm
  • 22 White Street Hartford CT 06114
  • (860) 956-5647
Tatul Hakobyan will be our guest speaker and presenter for our next St. George Café discussion group meeting. We will meet on Friday, July 9, 7:30 PM at St. George (22 White Street, Hartford CT 06114). The event is free and open to everyone.
Tatul Hakobyan is an Armenian reporter, independent political analyst and author, specializing in the Karabakh issue and Armenia-Turkey relations. He is an author of three books – Karabakh Diary: Black and Green, Armenians and Turks, The Valley of Death: 44-day catastrophe.
“Elections in Armenia: What’s next” lecture and Q&A session will be followed by a presentation of Hakobyan’s books:
VALLEY OF DEATH in English and Armenian,
ARMENIANS AND TURKS in English and Armenian.
Tatul Hakobyan graduated from the Department of Journalism in Yerevan State University, and Georgian Institute of Public Affairs in Tbilisi. He has formerly worked as a correspondent for the newspapers Ankakhutyun (1991-1995) Yerkir (1998-2000), Azg (2000-2005), HETQ (2005-2006), Aztag (2005-2016), The Armenian Reporter (2008-2009) and as a political observer on regional issues of Radiolur news program of Public Radio of Armenia (2004-2008), Civilitas Foundation/CivilNet online TV (2009-2021).
Since 2014 he has been a coordinator of the ANI Armenian Research Center (http://www.aniarc.am/).
Tatul Hakobyan currently is a columnist at Aliq Media (https://www.aliqmedia.am/).
In 2005 he received Yerevan Press Club’s Annual Award for the coverage of regional issues in Azg daily. In 2009, Yerevan Press Club awarded him for his first book “Karabakh Diary; Green and Black”.
Hakobyan is a recipient (2014) of Haigashen Ouzounian Literary Award for his second book “Armenians and Turks”.
He is the 2016 winner of “The Time for Freedom of Press” – for consistent and comprehensive coverage of Karabagh conflict.
On February 20, 2019, Hakobyan received Media Excellence Award (2018 Universal Rigthts Award) in recognition of outstanding commitment to producing thoughtful and independent reports and promoting freedom of speech and expression.